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The Philip K. Dick Boook Club: Episode 64: The Father-Thing

In this episode of the Philip K. Dick Book Club, we look at the short story "The Father-Thing". It is a story about who children see the emotional instability of their parents. It is also (it seems) a story of childish imagination and adventure in a suburban environment.

Episode 85: James Fenimore Cooper: The Deerslayer (1)

Time to insanely charge into the Leatherstocking Tales. We will begin with the first in the series (although the last one published), "The Deerslayer." So, let's meet Natty Bummpo and his friends as they arrive at Glimmerglass.

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 63: The Turning Wheel

In "The Turning Wheel", Philip K. Dick explores Eastern religions and the broader realtionship between the technocratic life and the religious life. It is one of his strongest early stories dealing with technology.

Episode 84: Louisa May Alcott: Jo’s Boys (2)

Our final episode in this series on Louisa May Alcott. In the second half of "Jo's Boys" our major heroes face adult challanges and even life and death choices.

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 62: Progeny

In this episode, I look at Philip K. Dick's story "Progeny." How much power should we give to those we raise and educate our children? Can the posthuman (transhuman?) be achieved simply through education?

Episode 83: Louisa May Alcott: Jo’s Boys (1)

It is ten years after the events of "Little Men" and we check in on the adulthood of the graduates of Plumfield. In this episode, we look at Alcott's final novel "Jo's Boys".

Episode 82: Louisa May Alcott: Little Men (3)

The finale of my series on Louisa May Alcott's "Little Men."

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 61: The Last of the Masters

In this episode we look at Dick's sole tale looking specifically at anarchism. While anarchist themes run throughout his works, he only examined the concept directly in this sci-fi tale, "The Last of the Masters." And through this tale, Dick explores the germ of the state and the relationships between automation and freedom and government.

Episode 81: Louisa May Alcott. Little Men (2)

Part 2 of my thoughts on Louisa May Alcott's "Little Men," which includes my ideas on the central chapter of the novel "Damon and Pythias". 

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 60: Upon the Dull Earth

"You! You're not Silvia. You are one of the Kung Fu Creatures on the Ramage 2"

"Upon the Dull Earth" is a story by Philip K. Dick. A little help?

Episode 80: Louisa May Alcott, Little Men (1)

We continue our look into the "Little Women" trilogy with "Little Men". How are Jo's students and family doing at her school in Plumfield? What does Alcott have to tell us in this novel about education, family, second chances, and growing up?

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 59: Shell Game

In "Shell Game", a preview of his great novel "Clans of the Alphane Moon", Dick explores the military, paranoia, and mental illness. Are our delusions products of our environment and training?

Episode 79: Louis May Alcott: Little Women-Conclusion

In this episode we come to the end of Alcott's novel "Little Women," but we have a lot more Alcott to discuss as we explore the sequals.


Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 58: Souvenir

Once again Philip K. Dick takes us to the frontier and evaluates empire, cultural homogenity, technology, and work in his brilliant story "Souvenir". In this story, Dick expands his ideas on crafting, human-scaled technology, and the meaning of work. He will fully develop these ideas in "Galactic Pot-Healer" a decade later.

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 56: Prize Ship

Opps. I guess I messed up the order of episodes.

"Prize Ship" by Philip K. Dick is a story that exploress the consequences of time travel and an expanding universe, war, and the frontier.

Episode 78: Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (4)

We are reaching the climax of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women." In the second half of the novel the story moves to focus on Amy and Jo and their futures in relationships and art.

Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 57: World of Talent

One of Philip K. Dick's masterpieces, "A World of Talent" explores posthumanism,  the frontier, war, and governmental conspiracies. This story brings to a capstone many of Dick's early ideas and themes.

Episode 77: Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (3)

Part 3 of my review of "Little Women" covers Beth's recovery, the return of Mr. March, and the journies of the women as they enter into adult careers.


Philip K. Dick Book Club: Episode 55: Meddler

In "Meddler", Philip K. Dick gives us a time travel loop story. We have seen these plenty of times. What do you think of Philip K. Dick's take on this old story? Can meddling in the future change the present?

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