American Writers (One Hundred Pages at a Time)

Episode 356: Shirley Jackson: The Lottery and Other Stories (1)

In this episode, I begin a new series in which I examine some of the major works by the brilliant Shirley Jackson. First up will be half of THE LOTTERY AND OTHER STORIES. These are some of America's greatest short stories. Read them!

Episode 355: Jane Bowles: Stories

The finale of my series on Jane Bowles. (I know I said there may be one more.) In this episode I look at some of her stories.

Episode 354: Jane Bowles: Two Serious Ladies (2)

In the second half of Jane Bowles' TWO SERIOUS LADIES we get a closer look at the adventures of Christina Goering as we looks for freedom in seedy working class bars. Class and sexuality are explored in fascinating ways in this odd and brilliant novel.

Episode 353: Jane Bowles, Two Serious Ladies (1)

Another "Twentieth-Century Girl". In this episode I look at the only novel by Jane Bowels, TWO SERIOUS LADIES. This is really one you need to read just for the experience. It is unlike anything else.

Episode 352: Mary McCarthy: Cannibals and Missionaries (3)

It has been a long series but we have come to the end of the study of Mary McCarthy with my final look at CANNIBALS AND MISSIONARIES. Next up: Three quick episodes on Jane Bowles.

Episode 351: Mary McCarthy: Cannibals and Missionaries (2)

Part two of my review of CANNIBALS AND MISSIONARIES by Mary McCarthy. Uploading two in one day because of internet troubles in China causing delays. 

Episode 350: Mary McCarthy: Cannibals and Missionaries (1)

Terrorism, liberalism, art, and class are all explored in depth in Mary McCarthy's last novel CANNIBALS AND MISSIONARIES. I am not sure it is worth a visit, but it certainly is worth knowing about.

Episode 349: Mary McCarthy: Birds of America (2)

The finale of my review of Mary McCarthy's BIRDS OF AMERICA.

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